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Can you save with a battery?

We want to find out how much our members with solar could save by installing a battery at home, so we’re setting up this trial. As part of the trial, you’ll get a battery at a discounted price, early access to our new app, and you’ll help us design the future of energy storage. If you’re a Bulb member, you can apply today.

We’ll help with the cost of a battery

The battery we’ve chosen for this trial is the Alpha Smile B3 because it uses safer and more ethical materials than many others. It comes in 2 different sizes, and you’ll get over £1,000 off the usual installed price as a thank you for taking part. See the full technical specs of the Smile B3.

The batteries come in two sizes:

All prices include VAT, installation and all necessary hardware and accessories

Energy capacity2.9 kWh5.8 kWh
Max. output power2.7 kW3.0 kW
Dimensions610 x 236 x 625 mm610 x 236 x 928 mm
Warranty10 year capacity warranty10 year capacity warranty
Price£1,700 (discounted from £2,995)£2,800 (discounted from £4,495)

We work with expert engineers

All our engineers will use personal protective equipment (PPE), and practise social distancing throughout the installation.

Talk to our solar community

Members just like you are discussing batteries in our community. Join the conversation.