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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Saving energy

10 quick wins to save energy this Christmas

Christmas prepping can take a lot of time, especially now we’ve got video calls to set up as well as sprouts to cook. If you don’t want to spend your holidays thinking about saving energy, we’ve got you covered.

The average Brit spends almost 67 hours getting ready for Christmas. That’s like watching Home Alone 39 times. We also know that every penny counts during the festive season, so here are 10 quick ways to save on your energy bills this Christmas.

Before the big day

1. Check your chimney

An open flue can create draughts through your room that bring the temperature down dramatically. A chimney balloon is an inflatable gadget that can stop the cold air from getting in. Or you could opt for a Chimney Sheep, which is a thick pad of wool attached to a handle. Either of these can help to plug the gap when your fireplace isn’t in use, and will save you around £15 a year on your heating. (Don’t worry about Father Christmas, nothing surprises him.)

2. LED holiday lights

Investing in some LED Christmas lights will pay for itself in the long term. Not only are they safer, but they’ll also use less energy and last longer than traditional lights (up to 50,000 hours!) If you don’t want to splash out on lighting up your street when everyone’s asleep, it’s a good idea to install a timer for your lights, too.

3. Deck your radiators with reflective panels

That’s how the song goes, right? Give your radiators a festive makeover by installing shiny panels behind them. This can stop heat from escaping through your walls by reflecting it back into your room. You can get heat-reflective foil from most DIY stores. This could save you up to £19 a year.

4. Standby for Santa

Games consoles and TVs can use a surprising amount of electricity in standby mode. So after a cosy Christmas Eve in front of the telly, remember to turn your appliances off at the switch. 

Festive food

5. Snap before you snack

It’s hard to resist the urge to stand with the fridge door open when you’ve stocked it full of tempting goodies. But regular visits to browse your fridge or freezer will waste precious energy. A photo can help you decide on your snack before you leave the sofa.  

Take a photo of your full fridge so you don't have to keep opening it to browse

6. Match up your pots and pans

Deciding on which saucepans to use for your Christmas dinner before you start can save you a spot of washing up, but it also gives you a chance to right-size your pots and pans. Larger pans take more energy to heat, so don’t waste them on your bread sauce. Choose your hob to match your pots - and if you can find the right-sized lid to keep the heat in, all the better.

7. Don’t be afraid to use the microwave

Your microwave is a surprising energy saving hero: by using less time to cook, it uses less energy too. This garlic and lemon brussel sprouts recipe only takes 5 minutes.

8. Perfect potatoes 

Parboiling your spuds in a saucepan cuts down the time they’ll need in the oven. Lots of people say this creates the perfect texture for your roasties, too. Glass cookware takes longer to cool down than metal oven dishes, so there’ll be less need to reheat food if the chef’s timing slips a bit on the big day.

Seasonal lounging

9. Wear your best Christmas jumper

Feeling festive has an energy-saving bonus if you can turn your thermostat down by one degree. Over the year this can add up to an £80 saving on your energy bills, though your favourite reindeer number might look out of place in January. Choosing a vintage Christmas jumper will save on your carbon footprint, too. 

10. Use a tablet for zoom calls and carols

If you’re seeing your nearest and dearest on-screen this year, then try using a tablet for calls, games, carols and quizzes. It’ll use 60% less electricity than a laptop.

So there you have it, our top 10 tips for an energy-efficient Christmas. However you’re catching up with friends and family this year, it’s a great time to share your Bulb referral link. Granted, it won’t save you energy, but it could earn you a nice Christmas bonus. 

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Energy saving tips aren’t just for Christmas. Take a look at our guides to saving energy at home and referring your friends and family to Bulb - or share your favourite festive tips over in the Bulb community.