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An illustration of the Bulb team at work
Updates from Team Bulb

Helping high-growth tech companies during coronavirus

Today, together with other high-growth businesses, we sent a letter to the Chancellor suggesting we se...
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Ashwin, a data scientist, working at his desk
Building Bulb

How we do data science at Bulb

The data science team at Bulb is growing. We wanted to share how we work and what we're learning along...
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A neon sign in the Bulb office
Updates from Team Bulb

Reporting our Gender Pay Gap

Measuring and reporting our gender pay gap is important to us; it tells us more about gender equality ...
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A view of the Gola rainforest from the air

Enjoy a little piece of the rainforest from home

Get creative with the sights and sounds of Gola and let us know how it helps to lift your spirits at h...
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An illustration of a member of Team Bulb at work
Updates from Team Bulb

Members, team, mission – an update on how we're doing

This is the second of my regular updates about how Bulb is doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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An update on our carbon neutral gas

We provide 100% carbon neutral gas to all our members through a mixture of carbon offsetting and green...
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Expressive illustration of someone checking off jobs on their phone
Saving energy

Bulb's big lockdown to-do list

Join our task force of bored and brilliant Bulb members by ticking off the chores we’ve started to loo...
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An illustration of someone working at a computer
Updates from Team Bulb

Supporting our members, our team and our mission

As an energy company, we have a huge responsibility to our members. At times like this, no one needs t...
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An illustration to show a member's glasses on top of a recent energy bill
Price watch

Energy price watch: we’re changing our prices

We’re changing our prices. Thanks to significant falls in wholesale gas costs, we’re lowering our gas ...
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