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Photo credit: Orsted
Cutting carbon

Renewables are on the rise

Renewables made up 36% of UK electricity generation in the first quarter of this year. That’s a 10% in...
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A picture of team Bulb taking part in a values workshop
Building Bulb

Being ‘Bulby’ again; working together to update our values

For the second time, Team Bulb has got together to define what it means to be 'Bulby'. In this post, w...
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Team Bulb learning about the Kenyan Burn cookstoves project

How clean cookstoves are cutting carbon emissions and creating local jobs

Our gas is 100% carbon neutral. Bulb helps to fund several carbon reduction projects across the world....
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A panel discussion on designing engagement
Building Bulb

Design for digital engagement

When you’re designing a product to be used regularly, how do you balance your organisation’s need for ...
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Illustration of wind turbines and the sun
Price watch

Green energy doesn’t have to cost more: the price cap should protect everyone

Ofgem has announced it’s awarding permanent derogations from the price cap for three green suppliers.
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An illustration of an In-Home Display
Product news

What to do if your In-Home Display switches to Welsh

You might have seen in the news that a small number of In-Home Displays spontaneously switched to Wels...
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A picture of a wind farm in the UK
Energy explained

Good green news from E.ON, but there’s more to do

Today, E.ON announced they’re switching their 3.3 million residential energy customers to 100% renewab...
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The children at St Mark's Primary School celebrate 100 Edible Playgrounds
Updates from Team Bulb

Celebrating 100 Edible Playgrounds

Trees for Cities, our charity partner, have now built 100 Edible playgrounds in schools across the cou...
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An In-Home Display on a table
Product news

An update on our smart meter installations and In-Home Displays

In February, we started installing smart meters in our members’ homes. Over the last few months we’ve ...
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