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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Energy explained

7 super cool solar videos

A picture of the sun

We just can't get enough of the sun. It's awesome.

It's been the hottest thing around for the last 4.5 billion years. It's 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system. If it doesn't turn up to your barbecue, everyone might as well go home. Most importantly, it is awesome. We can't get enough of the sun. Particularly when you start looking into its transformative potential for the energy industry like our co-founder did. Hayden Wood had a super interesting conversation with Chris Goodall, author of a fantastic book on solar, The Switch, at Second Home on Thursday 3rd November.

In celebration of the sun (because why not?) and 'The Switch' event we thought we'd collect the coolest videos about the power of the sun in one place for your perusal.

You. Are. Welcome.

Let the sunshine in

To kick off, a useful solar 101 which lifts the curtain on how those famous 'panels' you've heard so much about actually work.

Sunny side up

Sure, just a carbon fibre solar aeroplane that flies day or night. An extraordinarily significant move towards renewable flight.

Some like it hot

Let's be clear. Bill Gates knows his sh*t. He awarded the 'Reinvent the toilet fair prize' to this incredible invention: a toilet waste water system powered by the sun that's used to drive electrochemical treatment processes creating disinfected wastewater and solid mass that can be used for fertiliser.

Go on my sun

Since 1987, every two years in Australia there is a race across the desert in cars only powered by the sun. It's like Talladega Nights but in the day and with cars from the future.

Any given Sunday

It looks like it might be a spoof infomercial but actually, the impact of this sun-powered stove could be very serious. Not only to improve your weekend barbeques, but limiting the impact of smoke inhalation and forest destruction in developing countries.

Too hot to handle

This brilliant bit of design uses solar to make light available to everyone, even the 1.4 billion people who are off the electricity grid (yes you read that correctly, 1.4 billion).

Everybody loves the sunshine

This brilliance should not be demeaned with an awful sun pun. Get the shades out and enjoy!