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A picture of trees in the Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone
Cutting carbon

Climate causes we’re supporting through Bulb Foundation

Every time a new member switches to Bulb, £2 is donated to Bulb Foundation to do more to fight the cli...
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Solar panels on houses in London
Product news

What we've learnt buying energy from our members

Small-scale energy generation is key to cutting carbon emissions, and we want to support it at Bulb. S...
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photo of a smart meter in someone's kitchen
Saving energy

Getting to know your In-Home Display can help cut bills and CO2

An In-Home Display (or IHD) is a screen which connects to your smart meters to show how much energy yo...
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Celebrating solar power on the summer solstice

It’s the summer solstice, or the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. More sun means lo...
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Three innocent smoothies
Powered by Bulb

Powered by Bulb: innocent

innocent was an early adopter of our green energy. Now, they're one of 10,000 UK businesses being powe...
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Product news

Making our Carbon Calculator better with Imperial College London

Our Carbon Calculator helps you work out your carbon footprint and offset it by funding carbon-reducti...
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friendly engineer knocking on a front door
Product news

We're installing smart meters again

While we're adapting to new safety standards, our installation process will look a little different th...
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An illustration of the Bulb team at work
Updates from Team Bulb

New services and updates to our T&Cs

We’ve introduced new services to support our members. We're also updating our T&Cs, along with our pri...
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Celebrating biodiversity on World Environment Day

Bulb members help to protect biodiversity through carbon offsetting. In this post, learn how this cont...
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