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Illustration of someone looking at the energy market with binoculars
Price watch

Energy price watch: the wholesale market and your bill

Since our last update in February, wholesale energy prices have fallen. As coronavirus (COVID-19) disr...
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Cutting carbon

Your carbon impact on lockdown

Life on lockdown has caused carbon emissions to fall around the world. But with lots of us spending mo...
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Cutting carbon emissions in the Gola Rainforest

We buy carbon offsets to keep our gas 100% carbon neutral and for members who offset their carbon foot...
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referral Instagram background on a phone
Product news

Sharing is caring: fun ways to refer friends on social media

Bulb members get up to £50 when they refer a friend. We know gas and electricity aren’t traditional co...
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Illustrated cat sitting on a pile of washing
Energy explained

Habits at home: how lockdown affects electricity use

As Bulb's co-founder and Chief Energy Officer, Amit is obsessed with understanding patterns of energy ...
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An illustration of Team Bulb working from home
Updates from Team Bulb

Another update on how we're doing during coronavirus

This is the third of my updates about how Bulb is dealing with the impact of coronavirus.
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Illustration of a video call
Product news

How to refer friends and influence people

A great way to save on your energy bills is to refer a friend – Bulb members get up to £50 when someon...
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Four fruit smoothies by Ella's Kitchen
Powered by Bulb

Powered by Bulb: Ella's Kitchen

Bulb now powers around 9,000 businesses with cheaper, greener energy. We love to see what our members ...
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Saving energy

Simple ways to save on your energy bill

We might not be able to settle the fight over the remote control, but we can share our top tips to low...
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