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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Product news

An update to our referral programme

We’re making a change to our referral programme. From now on, when you share Bulb with a friend you’ll still get £50 each if they switch both electricity and gas. If your friend switches just electricity or gas it’s £25 for each of you.

We love it when our members refer their friends or family to Bulb – it’s our favourite way to grow. We have a referral programme to encourage our members to spread the news about Bulb. We’re making a small change to this programme. From now on, when members refer a friend to Bulb using their referral link, they’ll each get up to £50 when the switch completes. We give £25 for every fuel that’s switched to us – £25 for electricity and £25 for gas. Most of the time, you’ll both get £50. Around 85% of homes in the UK are dual-fuel homes using both electricity and gas. But when you recommend a single-fuel soul who only swaps the one, remember it’s £25 for you both.

How it works (in case you’d forgotten)

You can find your referral link in the 'Refer a friend' section of your Bulb account. Referral links look like this:

When someone follows the link, they land on your personal referral page where they can generate a quote for their energy and switch to Bulb. They don’t need to enter a code – all they need to do is follow your link and complete their switch.

You can also refer using the Bulb app by tapping the button in the bottom menu. Remember to update your app to see the correct info.

Read more about referring on our help centre.