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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Price watch

We're at it again: another Bulb price drop

We're lowering our tariff again. It's our second price drop this year. And our 7th since Bulb was born!

Good news: we’re lowering our prices again.

We're saving members £10 for every fuel they have with us. Which is a cool £20 off your energy bill for most members. Wholesale energy costs have continued to fall this year and we’ve been working hard to keep costs down. We promise to pass savings quickly on to our members - it’s part of our pricing principles. So, we’re doing it again.

We’re lowering our standing charge to 25p per day, down from 27p. Our unit rates aren’t changing. And the best thing about this saving? Lowering the standing charge means just as big a saving for members who use less energy as those who use a lot. Energy savers, we salute you! 👼

The odd one out

We’re really proud to be making our second price drop this year. We think it’s only fair our tariff reflects the true cost of energy. Unfortunately, too many suppliers don’t seem to agree. The Big Six are consistently slow to pass on savings from falling energy costs.

I guess it's hard to move quickly when you're a fat cat.

Despite falling wholesale costs, we are the only supplier to cut our tariff twice this year. In fact, five of the Big Six have increased their standard tariffs. And that isn’t right.

We still support an energy price cap and would like to see the Government deliver on that promise. But families can’t afford to wait, which is why we’re calling on all suppliers to lower their prices. The fact that a startup like Bulb has been able to cut our tariff twice this year shows what’s possible. We can all make energy better.

Keeping promises

We’re happy to be putting our pricing principles into action again. It means a typical Bulb member will save £50 by being with us this year. We keep things simple so we can keep our members’ bills low. After all, most things are better when you keep them simple, aren’t they?