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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Building Bulb

Being ‘Bulby’ again; working together to update our values

A picture of team Bulb taking part in a values workshop

For the second time, Team Bulb has got together to define what it means to be 'Bulby'. In this post, we look at how we went about it and share our updated culture and values.

Back in July 2017, as Team Bulb grew to 50 people, we decided it would be useful to agree and write down what was important to us about our culture and the skills and behaviours that go with it.

It's easy to dismiss this kind of thing as corporate nonsense but as we've grown and faced new challenges these values have been incredibly useful to us. They've helped people decide what to do and how to do it. They've become part of how we interview, how we train and develop people, even what we call some of our teams.

But many things have changed since 2017. There are more than 450 of us now, the world is different, we’re trying new things and we wanted to give all our new team members the opportunity to build on and contribute to the values. It seemed like time to see if they needed a rewrite. This is different when there are hundreds of you, but as we did last time, we’ve tried to involve everyone. This has lead to really enormous print-outs, many, many post-its and industrial quantities of small red and green dots.

A picture to demonstrate how the team used red and green dots to comment on our culture and values document.
The team used green and red dots to indicate what they liked about our culture and values, and what they thought needed changing.
A picture of post-it notes used by Team Bulb to comment on our culture and values document.
The team also used post-it notes to comment and build on the company values.

Two years ago we decided to publish the values for everyone to see. At the time we said "We thought it would be useful for Bulb team members to refer back to in the future. We also thought it’d be useful for prospective hires to see what it’s like to work here."

That's still true, so here's the new version:

(And, if you’d like to compare and contrast, here’s the original one).