Bulb hero: Chris Goodall, author of The Switch


Bulb hero: Chris Goodall, author of The Switch and general climate change king

Chris is a Bulb hero. Author of the ‘The Switch’ (or ‘The Bible’ as we like to call it), Chris is an expert on renewable technologies. In his work, Chris focuses on solutions to climate change that allow people to keep their existing lifestyle while radically reducing their carbon footprint. And that’s genius, we think.

When Chris published The Switch in 2016, he wanted to convince people of the real potential of solar as an energy source. He achieved this brilliantly by showing how we can overcome the intermittent generation solar provides, and by making clear the real economic value of current and developing technologies. For anyone interested in the future of energy, The Switch is a must read. It’s pride of place on the Bulb Library shelf. 

And since publishing The Switch, things contine in the direction Chris imagined. The sharp decline in the price of power generated from Solar technology continues. Similar falls in the price of batteries are making electricity storage increasingly inexpensive. The unstoppable switch away from fossil fuels which Chris laid out in his book seems to be coming true. The huge cuts in the price of offshore wind only added to the story. As Chris says, "the most powerful change in the last year has been the widening sense that fossil fuels are now unambiguously on their way out. Even a year ago, this was a slightly unconventional view."

We share Chris’ optimism about green energy. He’s particularly excited about a radically new form of wind turbine which will become commercially available from 2018. Spinetic’s ultra-low cost vertical turbines have the potential to revolutionise power generation in windy locations around the world. And they can be installed by a farmer with an old tractor and no knowledge of electronics.

SEE them in action here:


Just like Chris, we’ll be keeping our eye on these. You can keep up to date with Chris' work on his website.

This festive season we are celebrating 10 Bulb heroes - a collection of people we think are doing a world of good. Watch out for a new hero every day and learn more about how they are working to make the world a better place. SEE yesterday’s hero Debbie, who is running a community energy project in Dalston, London here.

Clementine Hobson