Bulb hero: Erin Bullions, Bulb team superstar


Bulb hero: Erin Bullions, Bulb team superstar

Erin is a Bulb hero. As a pod leader in our Experience team, Erin leads a group of Energy Specialists delivering awesome service for our members. She’s one of Bulb’s most productive team members and is a great manager too. But best of all, we just love having her around. She’s always the radiator, never the drain. And we love her for it.

Erin joined Bulb in January 2016 after finishing a Chemistry degree at Warwick. After just six months, she became Bulb’s youngest pod leader. There were lots of things that convinced us this was the right move. Chief amongst them: her poetry skills. One morning, knowing her team had a lot of work to get through, Erin wrote a poem to spur them on:

So today is a Thursday and we're gonna have fun 😁
But we need to hit our goals starting with 1 🎯
Clearing yesterday's emails by 11 AM ⏲️
It'll be easy with us all on our game 🎾

Once we're done with 1 we can move to goal 2 💪
Then 3 and goal 4, can't do this without you 🤗
Then it'll be Friday and the end of the week 🎉
We can celebrate, party hard and then sleep 💤

Erin, the bard of Bulb. Jokes aside, Erin is a great collaborator, always working to help others achieve more. As Rachel, an Energy Specialist in her team puts it, "Erin is one of the most perpetually motivated and hard-working people at Bulb - and she manages to do it without making you feel like a waste of space." Thank you Erin, for being brilliant. And for helping others to feel brilliant too.

This festive season we are celebrating 10 Bulb heroes - a collection of people we think are doing a world of good. Watch out for a new hero every day and learn more about how they are working to make the world a better place. SEE yesterday’s hero Matt, environmental economist and climate change comedian here.

Clementine Hobson