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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Bulb heroes: Gail and Miles Fursdon, Old Walls Hydro

Meet Gail and Miles, owners of Old Walls Hydro in Dartmoor. They love the place they live and built a hydro that not only generates green electricity, but is beautiful too.

Gail and Miles Fursdon are Bulb heroes. Farmers from Dartmoor in Devon, they built a run-of-river hydro plant on their land. And they did it with love and respect for the natural environment that was there. So not only do they produce energy with no pollutants, but they do it beautifully too. We’re proud to have them as part of our Generator Community.

Miles is a practical man - his mum used to call him ‘the mender-man’. Just over twenty years ago, he built his own hydro-electric plant, using the power of the river running through Old Walls, the family farm. Every day 70,000 tonnes of water passes through the Old Walls ‘leat’ - a kind of channel - which takes the water to a powerhouse where electricity is generated.

Gail and Miles were careful to make sure the hydro blends in with the natural, wild Dartmoor surroundings. They did a good job - it would be hard to spot the plant unless you knew it was there. And the leat created a completely new habitat on the farm. The slow-flowing water attracted new insect and animal life, including otters! 

Gail runs regular walks and talks to show visitors where their electricity comes from. We think sharing that knowledge is really important. And we’re proud to work with Gail and Miles to help more people understand where their energy comes from. We’re learning from the best. 

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