Bulb hero: Matt Winning, environmental economist and… comedian


Bulb hero: Matt Winning, environmental economist and climate change comedian

Matt is a Bulb hero. By day, Matt is an environmental economist working at University College London. By night, he’s a climate change comedian. He is someone who is trying to get people to take climate change more seriously by taking it less seriously. We love this approach. At Bulb, we don’t like to preach. We like to make it easy to do the right thing. And if we can have a laugh while we do it, even better.

Matt’s been doing comedy for 8 years. He was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards and has performed several shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. In parallel, he'd also undertaken a PhD in climate policy and now works at UCL doing research on climate change. This year, he thought he’d try combining these two separate paths. He wrote a comedy show about climate change. It’s a comedy niche which Matt knew he’d have to himself. But it was also an experiment: could he engage people in the topic in a way which wouldn't put them off?

Matt performed ‘Filibuster: a show about climate change’ at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. And it seems he pulled it off:


On top of all this, Matt is also one of Bulb’s super-referers. Thanks, Matt for helping more climate change heroes aboard! In 2018, you can see Matt at the Glasgow Comedy Festival and the Vaults Festival in Waterloo. If you make it to London, you’ll see some of the Bulb team there. And if you can’t make either, here’s a sneak peak:


Find more dates on Matt’s website or on twitter @mattywin85

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Clementine Hobson