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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Bulb hero: Matthew Quitter, London Electric Cars

Bulb hero: Matthew Quitter, founder of London Electric Cars

Meet Matthew, founder of London Electric Cars. Matthew converts vintage cars into electric vehicles by replacing the combustion engine with batteries. If he can do it with a Morris Minor, we’re pretty sure he can convert anything!

Matthew is a Bulb hero. He started London Electric Cars to get more people driving electric vehicles. But there are already 1 billion cars in the world and if we replace them all with electric cars, that’s a lot headed for the scrap heap! So Matthew works to convert existing cars into electric vehicles. Genius.

The story starts about a year and a half ago, when Matthew had started a digital consultancy but wasn’t feeling very enthused with the new job. He’d always enjoyed tinkering with classic cars and had some new ideas around improving them with digital tech. Inspired by a Californian company converting VW Beetles, Matthew canned the consultancy, got a business loan and started doing so himself, instead focussing on the Morris Minor, often referred to as the “British Beetle”. And he loves the work. In his words, "out go all the dirty oily bits, the car gets thoroughly cleaned and then the electric bits get bolted on and off you go." The challenges are in avoiding any destruction of the cars and working out where to put the batteries in the process. 

While cost stands in the way of scaling his work for now, Matthew is working hard to overcome this. And this year saw some important milestones on the journey. His first car, the 1953 Morris Minor Series 2, is now on the road and registered as electric. It costs just £1 a week to run when it’s used as daily transport around London. The Silent D Motor Show went to visit and check it out:

Matthew Quitter's Electric Morris Minor.

We love Matt’s simple, practical approach to the car problem. Next year, he plans to release kits designed to help you do it yourself. The aim is to provide an easy and affordable way for anyone to convert their car. We’re right behind you, Matthew. This festive season we are celebrating 10 Bulb heroes - a collection of people we think are doing a world of good. Watch out for a new hero every day and learn more about how they are working to make the world a better place. See yesterday’s hero Jenny from the Edible Playgrounds project.