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Bulb hero: Natalie Slack, Black Milq Ice Cream

Bulb Hero: Natalie Slack, Founder of Black Milq Ice Cream

Meet Natalie, founder of Black Milq Ice Cream. Natalie turns plants into ice cream. She makes something delicious that also does right by the planet. Hurray!

Natalie is a Bulb hero. After all, she does magic: she turns plants into ice cream. We love it when people make delicious things that also do right by the planet. And Natalie does this better than anyone. After gorging on her ice cream at our birthday party in September, we would know.

Food and flavour is what Natalie lives for. After years working as a product developer in the food industry, in 2017 Natalie decided to go it alone. She sold the first scoops of Black Milq ice cream at Hackney Downs Vegan Market in May this year. And what ice cream it is! Colourful, bold tasting and beautifully creamy, despite using no dairy products at all. Natalie combines cashew and coconut milk with natural flavours and colours. Good for the planet and a delight for the taste buds.

Making something this tasty doesn’t come easy. Especially when you’re working without key ingredients. Natalie spent months and months in her South East London kitchen churning (and eating) litre after litre of ice cream with family and friends until she got it just right. Having successfully launched this year, there are big plans in the works for next year. Think ice cream bars, ice cream cakes and 100% plant-based hot sauce sundaes. Yes please.

We love Natalie’s approach to food. She wants to change people’s minds about plant-based eating. But her mission, first and foremost, is "to delight the senses and make people happy through flavour". Mission accomplished, as far as we’re concerned!

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