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Sarah Outen rowing around the world

Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Bulb hero: Sarah Outen, explorer

Meet Sarah Outen: adventurer, author, inspirer and all-round Bulb Hero.

Sarah Outen is a Bulb hero, famous for her incredible adventures. She’s led a pretty amazing life already, becoming the first woman and youngest person to row the solo across the Indian Ocean. And in 2015, she travelled an epic 25,000 miles around the world relying on nothing but her own power by rowing, cycling and kayaking.

But there’s more to Sarah than these enormous achievements. She uses her experiences to inspire others, especially young people, through talks and writing. And her failures are as important to her story as her successes.

Through her adventures, Sarah has had her fair share of knockbacks. In 2011, she set out on a round-the-world expedition known as 'London2London'. A year after setting off, Sarah had to be rescued from the Pacific Ocean after her boat was smashed to pieces by a tropical storm.

Sarah on a happier day in the middle of the Pacific, 2013.
Sarah on a happier day in the middle of the Pacific, 2013. Image credit: Sarah Outen

Given the danger of this expedition, anyone would’ve forgiven Sarah for giving up. But overcoming depression and ill health, she picked herself up and set out again on the round-the-world adventure. By the time she completed it in 2015, she had cycled the width of North America, braved Atlantic storms and set a multitude of records. 

Having seen it from such a unique perspective, she also cares deeply about the planet. Sarah is a Bulb member and green energy is very important to her. On her travels she saw things that worried her - 'the scale of plastic pollution that I witnessed was, and still is, depressing.'

Sarah at Summit Lake, Yukon
Sarah at Summit Lake, Yukon. Image credit: Sarah Outen

But as you’ve probably learnt by now, Sarah’s an optimist and believes we can all help when it comes to protecting the planet. She does so in her own way - at home, Sarah has solar panels on the roof and given the chance she’d like to build a fully carbon neutral and green-energy powered house. We love that. Sarah is someone who makes amazing things happen.

Sarah is much more than an adventurer. She’s also an ambassador, charity patron and speaker, who spends time with young people building their confidence. Sometimes she does that by teaching them to climb trees. Sarah Outen’s epic expeditions may be over for now, but she says she'll 'always journey, just in a different way.' We know she’ll go well.

Sarah shares her experiences in her book Dare to Do and in Home, a new documentary film due for release in Spring 2019. Visit to find out more or felp fund Sarah’s film on Kickstarter.

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