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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Energy explained

Bulb hydro generation TRIPLES in December

The good news about December being the wettest month on record.

December 2016 was the wettest month on record in the UK. Ever. Wales, where our hydro plant happens to be, received a staggering 32 cm of rainfall, almost double what it normally gets at the same time of year. If you didn't know already, we've teamed up with a hydro plant on Tyn y Cornel, a natural lake in the Snowdonia National Park. We take all the electricity that a nearby stream generates and use that to provide 100% renewable electricity to homes across the UK.

The extra rain we received during December TRIPLED the power output that we were able to generate from the stream. We think this is pretty neat and reinforces the price drop that we made in December.

While this was good for our members, our hearts go out to the less fortunate people in Northern England and Scotland who have been flooded out of their businesses and homes. Despite more rain being good for renewable generation, it does bring into focus the long term need to make the switch to clean energy, and away from climate changing carbon.