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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Product news

Bulb is expanding internationally

An illustration of a globe to represent Bulb going international

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Bulb’s affordable, renewable energy to people in France, Spain and Texas. We’re starting with a soft launch for family and friends later this year, followed by a full launch early next year.

Helping more people to save on their bills and reduce carbon emissions

We’re expanding internationally to help even more people lower their bills and cut carbon emissions. When we started Bulb in the UK, we saw the same problems at lots of the big providers – poor service, high tariffs, inefficiency and little support for renewables. We wanted to give people a better choice about where to get their energy from. We’re proud to supply more than 1.3 million members here in the UK. And we’re excited to continue our mission beyond these shores, bringing affordable, renewable energy to people in France, Spain and Texas.

France, Spain and Texas are first, but they won’t be the last

We looked closely at countries across the world when deciding where to take Bulb next. The most important thing was to work out where we could be most useful. We looked for markets where we can help lots of people to save on their bills and cut carbon emissions. We believe we can save members in France, Spain and Texas significant money on their energy bills, while providing carbon neutral energy. We’re also able to operate and grow in all of these markets. All allow for multiple energy companies to operate, and for citizens to choose who their energy supplier is; all have enough renewable generation for us to supply lots of members. In the US, energy is regulated at a state level and some states operate a power company that provides energy to everyone in the state. So we’re starting with Texas, where people are able to choose between multiple suppliers.

We’re calling France, Spain and Texas the ‘first wave’ of Bulb International. Once we’ve got going, we’ll be looking to bring Bulb to other places in the world where affordable, renewable energy could help people to save on bills and cut carbon.

Greener, cheaper energy in every new market

You may be wondering what Bulb will look like in these new places. And to be honest, we’re still figuring out a lot of the details. What we can share is that we’ll be keeping the fundamentals the same. Just like in the UK, we’ll supply 100% carbon-neutral energy in all these countries. We’ll let you know specific arrangements for renewable electricity and green gas later on. And while we haven’t worked out tariff details, we’ll be providing green energy at significantly lower cost than the typical energy bill in these countries. We’ll be taking the technology we’ve developed in the UK with us, which helps us to keep costs low while delivering excellent service.

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Expanding internationally wouldn’t be possible without the support of our members in the UK. The Bulb community here has helped us to grow quickly, and build useful digital products which we can take internationally. Without that, expansion wouldn’t be on the cards. A big thank you to our members who’ve helped us get here.

Excited about Bulb international? Planning a move to France, Spain or Texas and hoping to take Bulb with you? Join the discussion in the Bulb Community.