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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Saving energy

Bulb's big lockdown to-do list

Expressive illustration of someone checking off jobs on their phone

Join our task force of bored and brilliant Bulb members by ticking off the chores we’ve started to look forward to at home.

These energy-efficiency tasks might have looked like bottom-of-the-barrel numbers a couple of weeks ago. But they're starting to look a lot more tempting now that we've organised our kitchen cupboards for the 20th time and overwatered all our houseplants.

See how many you can tick off the list and let us know over in the Bulb Community which other jobs at home have suddenly achieved a certain housebound mystique.

1. Bleed your radiators

Make sure your heat is getting to the right place by releasing any air that's trapped inside your radiators. If you've never had the pleasure before, watch a guide to bleeding your radiators to get started. Keeping convector radiators dust-free can also cut the cost of your heating.

2. Get to know your energy meter

You might not be the person at home who submits meter readings normally, but there's never been a better time to learn the ropes. Monthly meter readings are a good idea while you're indoors more often than usual. If you're a Bulb member, head over to your Bulb account to submit your findings.

someone reading their meter with a torch

3. Go draught hunting

Has your Breaking Bad marathon been rudely interrupted by a chill in the air? Now's the time to root out the source, draught-proof your windows and cover your keyholes. If you're feeling crafty in quarantine, you could always have a go at making your own draught excluder.

4. Fill your freezer

Batch cooking not only fights boredom and cuts down your time in the kitchen, it also fills your freezer. A full freezer uses less power because it's not trying to cool down any warm air that whooshes in when you open it.

5. Switch to Bulb

Thanks to all our members for giving cheaper, greener energy a go. If you're yet to make the switch, we'd love to have you on board. Don't worry, your power will never be interrupted by switching suppliers.

6. Help someone else switch their supplier

If you're already a Bulb member, earn yourself and a friend some credit to put towards your energy by referring them through the link in your Bulb account.

7. Swap your bulbs

Make a list of any old lightbulbs in your home and pick up energy-efficient LED replacements with your other essentials. You can swap a traditional 100 Watt bulb for a 14W LED and enjoy the same level of brightness while you tackle that to-read pile of serious fiction. Or the book of Guinness World Records 1996. Whatever makes you happy.

8. Play with your In-Home Display

If you've had smart meters installed, try using your In-Home Display screen to work out which are your most power-hungry appliances. You might find there are more efficient models out there that'll save you money in the long run.

9. Do "the deep clean"

We're not nagging, we promise. But those rubber gloves have started winking at us since we started staying in. Take the opportunity to descale your kettle, deep clean your dishwasher and de-lint the filter in your tumble dryer so hot air can circulate more freely.

10. Learn to darn your socks

This one's not energy related, we just think it's important.

Show us your pics by tagging @Bulb on Instagram to celebrate your last-resort chores and join our stay-home hall of fame.

Find more advice for saving energy while you're learning to love the great indoors on our social pages, or check out our Help Centre article about cutting the cost of your heating.