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Cutting carbon

5 easy ways to help fight climate change without changing your lifestyle

Be a climate change hero!

We all know that climate change is a big problem and needs a lot of effort from a lot of people to make a difference. So we all need to chip in and do our bits to help. Here are five easy ways you can get started:

1. Go meatless one day a week

This is a tasty one. Expand your culinary horizon once a week and find something delicious that you won't have tried before. Carnivores especially will be surprised how many fantastic meat-free recipes there are out there.

Livestock causes a huge 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions. That's a bigger impact on climate change than transport. Big. In fact, giving up meat and dairy for one day a week is equivalent to taking your car off the road for one month each year. Plus it's healthier for you too. Check out this dish from one of our favourite food bloggers, Ella Woodard, to get started.

Find more delicious meat free meals on Ella's blog, or get hungry scrolling through her Instagram.

deliciouslyella: The best kind of lunch 🙌🏻 A warming bowl of pasta with lots of garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, chilli, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon 💥 Munching on this while I catch up on emails in bed ✌🏻️

2. Turn off electrical appliances at night

On average, home electronics use 75% of their power when you are sleeping. Plus, technical fact, your computer actually runs a heck of a lot better after it's been fully shut down. If it just goes to sleep it never gets a chance to properly rejig its gismos. If all the UK’s 17 million office workers turned off their computers at night, it would be the same as removing 245,000 cars from the road.

We wonder how many meat-free meals that would equal… You go and shut off your electronics while we figure it out.

3. Cut back the faff and upgrade your thermostat

You could save £80 to £165 a year in a typical home by upgrading to an up-to-date thermostat. Many new thermostats come with a variety of features that can easily help you keep your energy usage at bay. Timers to switch your boiler on or off at set times, settings that measure the room temperature and automatically adjust themselves, and smart heating systems that can allow you to control your thermostat via an app.

It's also straight up less faff to manage. Win-win.

4. Save £500 a year by chucking less stuff out

Rubbish buried in landfills produces methane, which is 30x worse than CO2. Yet we chuck 7 million tonnes of good food and drink every year. And we make the less attractive vegetables sad when we don't pick them in the supermarket.

If you're smart about only buying what you need you can cut back on a huge amount of methane. Plus it'll save you £480 on average on food a year. Kerching.

5. Go green to fight climate change

Hopefully, this is an obvious choice, and not just because you are reading a blog written by a renewable energy company. Switching to renewables will reduce your carbon footprint, that's pretty clear, but it'll also reduce your energy bill. Bulbers save £242 a year on average.

So, there's no need to cut the cord to the fridge or forgo Bake Off. You can make easy changes to make a start on tackling global warming. And, when you're ready, you can take a look at electric cars, solar panels and other big things.

Did we leave anything off our list that you think should’ve been included? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you.