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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Energy explained

Drake and Bulb - a match made in hydro heaven

Our flow’s like Drake’s: reliable, always fresh and independently sourced.

Update: see all the generators we work with now

When we started Bulb we made some decisions about the type of energy we wanted to supply. We wanted it to be renewable, affordable and sourced from here in the UK. That's why we're incredibly proud to get all of our electricity from three hydro plant sites: two in Wales and one in Scotland.

It's fair to say that hydro is the slightly less sexy older sibling of solar and wind in the renewable family. Sure, wind and solar have the associations with romantic autumnal strolls and nivea visage factor 15 respectively. But hydro has been around for thousands of years. It's seen it all before. Currently 17% of the world's electricity and 90% of the world's renewable energy is produced by hydro. And in terms of looking to the future: hydro installations can have a useful life of over 100 years.

It matters to us that we are supporting the development of renewable industry in the UK and supporting small scale independent producers. So where are the three sites that tick all our boxes? First off we have Tyn Y Cornel Hydro in North Wales producing 120kw, Brenig Hydro, again in North Wales producing 250kw and finally Little Wyvis Hydro, North Scotland that produces a massive 680kw.

Tyn Y Cornel Hydro in North Wales

Each of the sites combined provides enough energy to power three thousand homes. We want to grow steadily and make sure we don't buy too much energy so we have plans to expand in line with our members needs so we will be forging new relationships with new suppliers as things move forward.

We're so proud of our hydro plants we're offering a bulb T Shirt to any of our members that can get a photo at one of our hydro plants and upload it on Facebook. And just to be completely transparent - if Drake submits a photo - we will also be giving him a complimentary Bulb selfie stick.