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Energy in the news

A word on the wholesale energy market, news stories about Bulb and the best ways to get in touch at the moment.

There's been a lot of press recently about volatile wholesale energy costs and their effect on energy companies. Some small suppliers are struggling and even going out of business. We want to be clear that Bulb members don't need to worry about their supply of energy. And it’s worth remembering that, whichever supplier you're with, Ofgem says it will always protect account balances for residential customers.

We buy our energy in advance and this means we're protected from the current wholesale costs that some smaller companies have struggled to manage.

We're working with the government and with other energy companies to make sure we find the right longer-term solution to what's going on in the wholesale market. We'll continue to monitor the situation and share updates here.

In the meantime, lots of members are phoning in at the moment so it might take us longer than usual to pick up the phone. We're sorry about that and please bear with us. Our online chat service will be the quickest way to get in touch. Members can also send us an email or simply manage their account using the Bulb app.

This is an extraordinary time for the energy sector and we'll aim to keep members in the know.