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Building Bulb

Five #TeamBulb women tell us about the women they look up to

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked five Bulb female team members to tell us about the women who make them who they are. Get to know them.

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we asked five of Bulb’s female team members to share the women who make them who they are. Get to know the awesome women who inspire our team every day. 

Cotie’s hero: Grace Hopper

What do you do at Bulb? 

I'm a Software Engineer in our Growth pod. I build all of the software our future members see and use before they make the decision to choose us as their energy supplier.

 What brought you to Bulb?

I moved to the UK two years ago and when looking for an energy supplier I found Bulb, so I started as a member. I love the idea of cheaper, greener energy. I'm someone who couldn't feel motivated in my work if I didn't think it was making our world better, so taking an engineering position at Bulb when I was approached just made sense.

 Who is your hero and how does she inspire you?

Grace Hopper, the US computer programming genius. 

Grace Hopper working with the US Navy in 1960. Image credit.

Grace Hopper pioneered compilers, which translate computer languages so that humans can understand and use them.

When she was creating the first compiler in the late 1950s, in the early days of computer science, she was very alone in thinking it was a good idea. Her work in developing more human-readable programming languages was a step to making programming available to a much wider audience. I believe that the technology industry is better the more diverse, questioning and curious it is. Visionaries like Grace Hopper inspire me to be who I am and live that out everyday.

Devin’s hero: Jane Goodall

What do you do at Bulb?

I’m a Trainee Pod Leader within the experience team. I help lead a team of Energy Specialists, who deliver the awesome member experience we provide at Bulb. As part of this, I coordinate the training of Bulb team members. 

What brought you to Bulb?

I studied sustainable business in my masters degree and I just really got down with businesses that have a mind beyond profit. Bulb values transparency, fairness, innovation and sustainability. We’re trying to prove that you can be all these things and still be a successful company, giving the big corps a run for their money.

Who is your hero and how does she inspire you?

Dame Jane Goodall, the primatologist. 

Jane Goodall lecturing in 2014. Image credit.

Jane Goodall’s impact on chimpanzee conservation and our approach to scientific study is just unreal. At the time she was working, the scientists in her field insisted that studies needed to be done at arms length, with scientific rigour and void of any emotion. By contrast, Goodall insisted that you needed to develop a bond and an emotional connection with chimps to truly understand how they work. I think bringing this more feminine approach to most fields would be really interesting and beneficial.

I actually met her when I was about five years old. She came to my primary school and signed my Jane Goodall t-shirt. Nearly 20 years later, she came to my university in Montreal for a talk. And guess what - she signed that same t-shirt again!

Vome’s hero: her mother, Ese Aghoghovbia

What do you do at Bulb?

I'm an Energy Specialist. I help members to make the switch to Bulb and make sure their experience with us is seamless, end-to-end. I carry out energy-related operational tasks, and drive improvement of tools and processes which make our member experience better. 

What brought you to Bulb?

Previously, I’d worked in the energy industry, as a management consultant, and in strategy and process at Google. I was looking for a company that somehow combined everything I loved about my previous experiences into one: an innovative and dynamic company in the energy industry. And one that wanted to do things differently and make things better. My sister found Bulb, told me about this awesome company and I fell in love with it!

Who is your hero and how does she inspire you?

My mother, Ese Aghoghovbia.

Ese Aghoghovbia, at home.

My mother rose to the top of her career in insurance, and was well known for both her brilliance and moral ethics. My mother taught my three sisters and I to do things we are passionate about. She encouraged us to continually develop ourselves, and to try and make things better whenever we could.

She inspires me to improve things everywhere I go. Thanks to her, I always see the possibility as well as the challenge. That’s partly why I’m excited coming to work every day at Bulb - I get to live the example my mother set by working for a company that sees possibilities too. A company that wants to make the world a better place, one home at a time.

Geraldine’s hero: Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you do at Bulb?

I’m the Strategy Manager for the Experience team and the Product Manager for the team that works to build better tools for our members. Put simply, I manage the members’ experience at Bulb. I’m always looking for ways to make it better. We might do that by improving our online account or app, or by using technology to help our team reply faster to members. Whatever it is, the end goal is always the same. 

What brought you to Bulb?

I came across Bulb when I was looking for a renewable energy supplier for my home. At the time, I had my own business in the food waste space and was thinking of pressing pause on that to join a larger team with a positive impact on the environment. So I found out about Bulb just at the right time.

Who is your hero and how does she inspire you?

Eleanor Roosevelt, American politician, diplomat and activist.

Eleanor Roosevelt visiting US troops in the Pacific, 1943. Image Credit.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong advocate for doing things right. Which is a principle very close to my heart and, coincidentally, one of our values at Bulb. Whenever I do something, I try always to ask myself, “is it the right thing to do?”. I use this method to check all the decisions I make. For example, when designing our offer for prepayment members, we had to decide what emergency credit we would provide for members who didn’t have enough money to top up. This principle helped me to set the right threshold.

Roosevelt also believed in women speaking their minds, even if what they say is not what people want to hear. It's an important concept for me, to try and voice my perspective or bring a different viewpoint to the table. I stay true to her when I do, especially in environments dominated by men. 

Selina’s hero: Billie Jean King

What do you do at Bulb?

I’m a Pod Leader in the Experience team, and I manage our renewable electricity procurement. As well as managing my team, I’m responsible for purchasing our green electricity. At Bulb, we source this from a number of independent, renewable generators from across the UK. We have a real mix in the portfolio, from run-of-river hydro to solar and anaerobic digestion.

What brought you to Bulb?

I’ve always worked in renewables. It’s an industry I love. But I was particularly drawn to Bulb because the company is so forward thinking. I’ve been at Bulb since the early days and know how driven we all are to achieve our mission.

Who is your hero and how does she inspire you?

Billie Jean King, the great tennis player and founder of the Women's Tennis Association.

Billie Jean King in 1978. Image Credit.

Billie Jean King was a fantastic tennis player. Growing up in a sporty family, I always admired her. But she was also more than this. She lead the move to create an all-female tennis tour, after finding it hard for her and other women to shine in the game on their own terms. The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is the principal organising body for women's professional tennis. It has been hugely successful in championing the women's game, drawing players to tournaments and increasing prize money for female players. Billie wasn’t content to simply enjoy her own, much-deserved success - she helped many women behind her to achieve success too.

Billie reminds me to work hard and to strive for success in what I do. But more than this - she inspires me to use that to create further positive change at Bulb.

Who is your hero and how do they inspire you? We’d love to know. Stop by the Community to let us know your thoughts.