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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.


GENeco Green Gas

At Bulb, we think it’s important you know where your energy comes from. We buy 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas from a number of renewable generators across the UK. One of those is GENeco, who have built the UK's first and largest plant that turns human and food waste into green gas. See their story here:

GENeco was formed to make Wessex Water more sustainable

The water supply and sewerage company for south west England, Wessex Water, wanted to become more sustainable. So GENeco was formed in 2009 to help them achieve their mission. By focusing on green innovation, GENeco was carbon neutral and sending zero waste to landfill after just three years.

Innovative new processes turn waste into valuable products

Food and human waste are generally considered to be just that - waste. But through their innovative processes, GENeco are able to transform it into valuable products like biofertilisers for farming and green gas.

The site at GENeco treats more than 700,000 tonnes of waste each year, including food, liquid and sewage. Getting the sewage waste is easy - that comes from the treatment works on site. Food waste is collected daily from local cafes and councils around Bristol in the Bio-Bee, which is powered by the waste it collects. Its predecessor was the Bio-Bug - a VW beetle powered by the green gas made on site.

The Bio-Bug is the UK’s first VW Beetle powered by human waste.

GENeco are running a truly closed-loop system. After the waste has been turned into green gas by anaerobic digestion, the remaining solid material is turned into biofertiliser and sold to local farmers. They spread about 220,000 tonnes of biofertiliser each year.

The methane normally released from sewage and food waste is 21 times more harmful to the environment than the equivalent amount of CO2. It may be dirty work, but by turning unwanted waste into something useful, GENeco are preventing climate damage and paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Green gas collects in the domes of the anaerobic digesters.

An award-winning composting process developed in the UK

GENeco are having an incredible impact. They’re producing enough green gas to supply 8,000 homes a year, they’ve developed the first vehicle powered by gas from sewage, and they’ve developed a world-class composting process to treat grit and screenings from local sewage - also a first of its kind for the UK.

And there’s no sign of the team slowing down. They’ve got a few things on the horizon. One plan is to switch the heavy goods vehicles used on site to be powered by green gas instead of conventional fuel. Doing this for each vehicle would save the same carbon emissions as taking 100 cars off the road every year. 

GENeco’s mission is to consistently set new standards for the UK water supply and sewerage industry. They are proving that wherever there’s waste, there’s an opportunity to make something valuable and sustainable. 

At Bulb we think it’s important you know where your energy comes from. Get to know more of our generators across the UK.