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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Cutting carbon

Get creative and celebrate the wildlife of the Gola rainforest

drawing of a tree hyrax that lives in Gola

Calling artists of all ages: enter our #GolaColours competition by colouring in your favourite rainforest critter.

We buy carbon offsets so that all the gas we supply our members is 100% carbon neutral. The money supports projects that reduce carbon emissions in other parts of the world, like this one, in the Gola rainforest of Sierra Leone.

The Gola Rainforest Conservation (GRC) is helping to protect Gola from threats like mining and deforestation. This incredible habitat is home to 327 bird species, 650 plant species, and 49 species of larger mammals, including the elusive Pygmy Hippo.

Some of the Bulb team looking out over the misty Gola rainforest
The Bulb team visit the Gola Rainforest

Get your felt tips out

We’d like some artistic Bulb members to help us celebrate the colourful wildlife of Gola. You can download our drawings of birds and animals by clicking on their names. We couldn’t capture them all, but let us introduce you to…

The Tree Hyrax, a relative of elephants and sea cows – though you wouldn’t know it by looking.

The big-eyed Galago (or Bush Baby) spends most of its life in a tree. Their long hind legs make it easy for them to leap around and their teeth help them to eat the gum from trees.

The Chocolate-backed Kingfisher eats mainly insects, and has a flash of blue feathers that are best seen when in flight.

The Western black-headed Oriole has a bright yellow belly and a very distinctive warble. That’s a song, not a body part.

Colouring in pattern, the Western black-headed oriole in flight

Win a prize for taking part

You can colour in your chosen creature digitally, or by printing them out. Don’t worry, we’re not after realism, so let your imagination (and your bright pink crayon) run wild.

Remember to share your creations on social media with the hashtag #GolaColours and tag Bulb in the post. We’ll feature the most colourful entries on our social channels and our blog. Every creation featured will also win a delicious chocolate bar from the rainforest protection project in Gola. Cocoa is a forest-friendly crop, because it grows best under the shade of trees, so making chocolate provides livelihoods for people living on the edge of the Gola rainforest.

Read the full T&Cs for the competition.

Coloured pencils at the ready? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share your work of art with the hashtag #GolaColours.