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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Updates from Team Bulb

Thanks for an amazing first year

It's our birthday! Time to look back at some of the best moment of the year.

This week marks our first birthday, and a massive thanks to all our members for helping make it happen. Without you, we couldn't have helped so many people with their energy bills or spread the word about renewables nearly as well. Genuinely. The positive support, feedback, and advice have all been amazing and Bulb wouldn't have come far at all without you. Not to mention recommending us to friends. We really appreciate it all.


What have we achieved this year?

We thought about celebrating with some enthusiastic Peek-a-Boo, high tempo Pass The Parcel and falling asleep in the birthday cake. In the end, we thought it be better to think back to all the cool stuff that you helped us achieve in the last year. And what a year it's been.  

Let's run through our top 5:

1. Supplying our 1st member 

27th August 2015

Our zeroth Birthday and the day our first member, Amit, joined. Luckily he's still with us. And that's just as well, considering he's Bulb's co-founder.

2. Cutting our prices 5 times

November, December, February, May, June...

What great months. Not only did we lower our prices to keep them inline with wholesale, but we also got amazing emails, tweets and pictures of cats from you saying how much you appreciated it.    

3. Partying out of beta with our first 500 members

12th May 2016

We celebrated our launch with our members, the best people to party with, on a sunny rooftop. We'd been supplying you for a while, but this party marked the point where we did that thing that James Bond does with his tie after doing something awesome and said "We're here to take over". It felt pretty badass.

Check out the video here:

4. Kicking off our referral programme

7th May 2016

Since the start, we've had loads of you asking us for a way to make it easier to bring new members over to Bulb. Everyone likes the idea of renewables, but honestly, friends find ways to forget to think about it. So we introduced our referral programme so you can give them something extra to help make the switch. And get a little something for your troubles too.    

5. Paying exit fees

22nd July 2016

This was a big one! Again, all down to you. A member said that other energy companies charging exit fees was a big worry for their family signing up, and suggested we pay for them. We thought it was an amazing idea, and the rest is history. Thanks again.


Thanks for everything. You're as much a part of Bulb as the pinkest swoosh and the greenest gas. Imagine what we can do together before we’re two...

To say thanks, and to help you party in style, we'll send anyone who refers a friend during our birthday week a snazzy Bulb t-shirt, a Bulb bag and a party hat, as well as the normal £50. Refer a friend before Midnight on Sunday 4 Sept 2016 to take part.

Refer Your Friends

Have a great day.