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The Bulb team after building the edible playground at Chesterton Primary School

Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Updates from Team Bulb

How to build an Edible Playground

We built an Edible Playground at Chesterton Primary School in Battersea, London. See how Team Bulb did it.

On Saturday, I built an Edible Playground with some of the Bulb team. Edible Playgrounds are as great as they sound. Who wouldn’t want an awesome outdoor space at school to grow your own food in? Bulb donates £2 for every new member to Edible Playgrounds, who build these spaces in inner city primary schools across the country. It was great to roll up our sleeves and help build one too.

Getting our hands dirty

It was a little like an episode of Ground Force, for those of you who can remember that. In what seemed like just a few minutes, we’d shifted tons of earth and rolled out several metres of fresh turf. Here's a quick video I made of the day (excuse the iphone quality!):

The Bulb team build an Edible Playground at Chesterton Primary School

The end result looked pretty good (if we say so ourselves.) The kids have now got three raised beds to grow vegetables in. These double up as nifty benches for the class to sit on for their outdoors lessons. They’ll be growing fruit trees or bushes to bring variety to the garden. And, they’ll have everything they need to look after the playground, including compost, watering cans and all sorts of gardening tools. I could benefit from a lesson myself - anyone know what a 'hand cultivator' is for?

The garden at Chesterton Primary School before
The garden at Chesterton Primary School after

Get involved

We'll be building more edible playgrounds funded by switches to Bulb. And, we’d love for any keen Bulbologists in our community to come and build one with us. If you'd like to help out, drop the team a line at