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Energy explained

Why is it important that my energy supplier is 100% renewable?

Your choice of energy supplier can help you fight for clean energy and do right by the planet.

We believe that energy should be 100% renewable. It's something we will fight for. Honestly, fossils fuels are so last century.

If you're passionate about doing right by the planet then you should fight for clean energy in your own way, big or small. Your choice of energy supplier can be a big part of that. We believe that it's important to go for not just a 100% clean tariff, but also a 100% clean supplier.

Think about it this way; if you get a 100% clean tariff from a supplier who has some tariffs that aren't 100% clean then your hard earned money is helping that business grow. So, your money is actually contributing towards dirty energy. The supplier that you are with will grow in size and supply more people with environmentally unfriendly tariffs due to the profits they make from you. We think, in our totally unbiased way, that it's just better to contribute to a 100% green supplier.

This is why the chart on Our Tariff page compares 100% renewable suppliers, not just 100% renewable tariffs. We've pulled together another chart showing you which suppliers are 100% clean.

So, which suppliers are 100% renewable?

How does your supplier stack up? This chart shows the proportions of each supplier's fuel mix that were clean and not clean from April 2014 to Mar 2015.