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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Product news

An update on our smart meter installations and In-Home Displays

An In-Home Display on a table

In February, we started installing smart meters in our members’ homes. Over the last few months we’ve written about some of the issues members are having with their smart meter installations and the work we’re doing behind the scenes to fix them. This is our latest update.

When your smart meters are installed and connected to the network, you’ll be offered an In-Home Display (IHD). This is a small screen that connects wirelessly to your smart meters. It should show how much energy you’re using in kilowatt hours, pounds and pence. Last month we wrote about issues some members were having with their In-Home Displays not showing their usage data. This is an update on the work that’s happened since then.

We’ve improved IHD connection rates for new installations

Using everything we’ve learned from the nationwide rollout in the past few months we’ve improved our In-Home Display connection rates. Now, when we install smart meters, 85% connect to the IHD instantly. And the majority of those that don’t connect first time can now be fixed remotely.

We’ve been fixing connections between smart meters and IHDs remotely

We’ve built a system to reconnect existing smart meters with their In-Home Displays. We’re asking members to complete a few simple steps, and then we trigger the process from Bulb HQ. And we’ve built an easier way for members to let us know when their In-Home Displays aren’t showing their data. A new form in Bulb account helps members to report the issue, and we work on every report within 48 hours.

We’re working on fixing less common problems

We know the work we’ve done so far isn’t fixing the issues for every member. We’ve identified a couple of different areas for investigation, so we’re working closely with our partners and visiting some members’ homes to get to the root cause of these issues. In the next few weeks we expect to complete this work, and hope to email our affected members with an update.

We’re fixing Bulb accounts that aren’t showing smart meter readings

Some members couldn’t see their monthly, automatic smart meter readings in their Bulb account. We believe that taking automatic readings daily, instead of monthly, will fix this problem in the short term. Behind the scenes, daily readings follow a slightly different technical process to monthly ones.

We’re switching members affected by this issue to daily readings before their next statement is due. Those members should see their readings in their Bulb account within two weeks of this change. At the same time, we’re continuing our work to get monthly smart meter readings showing in Bulb account.

We haven’t finished yet

The smart meter rollout is a technical challenge for every supplier. It’s a national project with a brilliant aim at its heart – a greener grid. We’re working with our partners, other suppliers, the DCC, and our own technical teams to get things up and running as quickly as possible. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride, but we think the benefits are worth it. Thanks for sticking with us.