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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Product news

An update on our In-Home Displays

An In-Home Display in a kitchen

We’ve been installing smart meters in our members’ homes since February. In May, we wrote about the issues some members were having with their smart meter installations. This is a quick update on the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes to help members see their energy use on their In-Home Display.

When your smart meters are installed and connected to the smart network, you’ll be offered an In-Home Display. This is a small screen that connects wirelessly to your smart meters and shows how much energy you’re using in kilowatt hours, pounds and pence.

Some members haven't been able to see their energy use on their In-Home Display. We’ve been working on a fix which is showing positive results for around half the members we’ve contacted so far.

We’ll email everyone who’s contacted us about their In-Home Display by Friday 28th June

If we can see your smart meters are connected to the smart network, but you’ve told us you can’t see your smart data yet, we’ll send you an email and ask you to complete a few simple steps. Once you’ve completed those steps and let us know, we’ll trigger a process from Bulb HQ which should reconnect your In-Home Display to your smart meters.

These are the steps we’ll ask you to take:

  • Move your In-Home Display 5 metres or less from your electricity meter

  • Make sure your In-Home Display is turned on and plugged in – you’ll know if it’s turned on if the screen is lit up

  • Turn your In-Home Display off and wait 10 seconds before turning it on again using the round, flat button on the back

If your In-Home Display is able to connect to Wi-Fi, and you have Wi-Fi available, we also recommend setting this up. You can find instructions on connecting your In-Home Display to Wi-Fi in our help centre.

Once you’ve taken those steps, your In-Home Display should show your usage data within 48 hours.

You can report problems straight from your Bulb account

If your In-Home Display isn’t showing your energy usage and you haven’t got in touch yet, we’ve built a form to make it easier to contact us. We’ll ask you to confirm that you’ve taken the steps listed above, and when you do, we’ll start the reconnection process from Bulb HQ.

We’re rapidly testing and improving the process

This latest fix is working for roughly half the members who’ve contacted us. The team are currently working to improve the process to bring it up to 100% as soon as possible.

As we mentioned in our last update, smart technology and the ecosystem that surrounds it is very new. It involves a range of different data companies, suppliers, manufacturers, engineers and software. It’s bringing challenges for every energy supplier, but we think the benefits will be worth it. We've made good progress so far, and appreciate your patience while we get everything up and running smoothly.