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List of New Years resolutions... from easiest to hardest

Going to the gym might get tough, but there is one new years resolution that's dead simple.

New Years resolutions are difficult. It's hard to find one that seems meaningful enough, but also isn't so ridiculous that you're never going to keep it up. Honestly, has anyone ever really kept up their resolution to go for a brisk morning run twice a week for longer than a month? If you have then you are some sort of super human and we salute you. 

We've taken the liberty of sorting some of the more popular resolutions in order of easiest to most unrealistic for you. Hope it helps!

1 - Switch to 100% renewable energy

Maybe we're biased, but we think that this is dead simple. Spend 3 minutes getting a quote, 3 seconds realising that you're saving a bunch of money, and then you just sign up. Simple.

That's literally it. And then you get to feel smug without doing any more work.

2 - Be a better person

In theory this can be pretty simple. Smile more, give out better compliments and just generally being nicer. Easy and fulfilling! But... sometimes you deserve that seat on the train. It doesn't make you a bad person for not offering it to someone else. You've had a long day too.

To be fair though, you could knock this one out of the park by just switching to 100% renewable anyway, so there's that. This is our favourite of these New Years resolutions.

3 - Spend less, save more

Actually this one could be higher, but only because part of it can be accomplished just by switching to Bulb. 90% of people could save by switching to Bulb, so that's half the battle won right there.

Then all you need to do is plop that money into savings before you even notice it in your account. Nice one.

4 - Less chocolate!

Nope. I miiight give it up for lent... but for a whole year? And what does "less" mean anyway? I didn't grab a boost bar at the tills yesterday, even though I was tempted. Does that mean I succeeded? Win.

5 - Join the gym

What is it about January that makes everyone think that it's a good idea to commit to an expensive and lengthy contract for a gym? Most people only ever go in January before giving up, which makes even less sense. Why pay that much money to only go when it's most crowded, sweaty and filled with people that haven't yet recovered from their holiday sniffles?

So, what's your New Years resolution?