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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Updates from Team Bulb

The inaugral Bulb member meet up

We love members getting in touch with ideas. Our name was chosen by our members and it was our members who came up with the idea of refunding exit fees (nice job!). Suggestions and criticism mean we’re able to constantly improve.

We believe that the people being delivered a service are best placed to help make it better. And they’re generally legends as well, which helps.

It takes a (virtual) village

Over in the Bulb Community, we have a growing group of members who provide tips on managing usage and help us develop the new things we’re rolling out like smart meters. Take our energy monitor trial. It’s thrown up some seriously interesting stuff on the impact of using energy monitors to track energy consumption. And also, if you fancy finding out about low carbon cookery, you know exactly where to go.

While it’s all very well chatting on the phone and emailing each other, we wanted to take our member involvement up a notch. So we invited some of our members to meet up for a face to face chat.

Expertise, principles, and pizza

It was a great group of incredibly switched on (geddit?) members. They provided us with a whole heap of food for thought on loads of things about the way we communicate, our values and our referral program.

There was strong support in the room for us spending more time working to communicate the complex realities of the renewable energy market in a clear way to members. That was music to our ears. As a result, we’ve been prioritising more in-depth blog posts and making sure we get those out to members on all of our communication channels.

In one part of the conversation, we discussed our Price Principles. People in the room were positive about clearly laying out pricing principles, but they felt we should repackage them as part of our overarching values. That was really helpful. We spend a lot of time talking about our values in Bulb HQ. But clearly, we need to make sure our members and prospective members are clear on what they are too.

On referrals, the members we spoke with felt like we should provide some flexibility when people refer. Some might want an opportunity to make a donation to a cool renewable energy project. Rather than just assuming members will want a £50 credit on their account. So we’re looking into putting that into practice.

You know you wanna

Those are just the headlines. There was loads of other really useful input as well as some excellent pizza eating. A huge shout out to the members that attended. We’ll be holding lots of more of these types of sessions, but to state the blooming obvious, they wouldn’t be half as successful without our magnificent members. So give us a shout if you’d like to come along!