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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Powered by Bulb: innocent

Three innocent smoothies

innocent was an early adopter of our green energy. Now, they're one of 10,000 UK businesses being powered by Bulb. We dropped into Fruit Towers to find out more about their ambition to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

If you've not heard of innocent (anyone?) they make healthy, delicious drinks that help people live well and die old. The business began with a smoothie stall at a music festival in 1999. Since then, they've become a household name as famous for their sunny disposition as they are for their smoothies. 

As a Certified B Corp, innocent have made a legal commitment to consider the impact of their business decisions on their people, their customers and their community. We're also a B Corp at Bulb, so we were delighted to catch up with innocent about the ways they're using business as a force for good. 

a B Corp plaque at innocent headquarters
B Corp champ award given to innocent for being part of the B-corp network.

Sustainability has always been a core brand value at innocent HQ. As well as sourcing all their ingredients from sustainable farmers, these smoothie specialists are reducing energy, water and waste along every part of their supply chain. They've also embarked on a 'recycling revolution', which aims to make every smoothie bottle from 100% renewable materials by 2022. That means innovating entirely new, plant-based plastics. Now that's clever.

As well as investing in a sustainable supply chain, innocent donates 10% of its profits to charity. The innocent Foundation fights food poverty around the world by tackling big challenges to agriculture and food production, including those caused by carbon emissions. By signing up for Bulb, innocent have already made sure their London headquarters are powered by 100% carbon neutral gas. It's all part of their bigger ambition to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. 

Like every Bulb for Business member, innocent has its own referral link to share with everyone in the team. If you've never referred a friend, relative, relative stranger or business to Bulb, here's a refresher on how it all works. Everyone that signs up to greener energy using innocent's link gets up to £50, and so does the innocent Foundation.

innocent team members eating lunch at picnic benches
The innocent team in the social space at Fruit Towers.

We love seeing first hand how members like innocent are putting their energy to good use. See how much your business could save by switching to Bulb. Or if you're already a member, get in touch at to have your story featured.