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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Pro-gas-tination: get to know Project Nexus

Project Nexus - a BIG upgrade to the UK gas industry - starts today! We've explained what's happening and what that means for you.

During May, the gas industry is going through a big, important upgrade. We know this because it has a top secret code name – Project Nexus.

The project is a good thing for the energy industry. It will make gas bills more accurate and make it easier to switch supplier. But, as we all know, things worth having don’t come easy. While the project is being implemented, there will be some delays to switches. We’ve explained it all here.

What is Project Nexus?

Project Nexus will change the way the gas industry in the UK works. In fact, it is a significant upgrade to the current system. It will make two major changes:

How will this make energy better?


At the moment, customers who don’t submit a gas meter reading can sometimes receive imprecise bills. Without a reading, suppliers have to use an estimate from the central database of the gas industry. The problem is that the database only updates its estimate once per year, even if you give meter readings regularly. This means if your usage has changed in the last year, your estimates could be a bit off.

Project Nexus will improve the database so it is able to update its estimate with every meter reading submitted. With better estimates, customers will get more accurate bills. Even if they can’t submit a meter reading. Hurray!


The gas industry has several ways of sending and receiving information. Non-standard processes between suppliers and gas transporters can cause delays when customers switch supplier. It can also cost customers. Those living in new towns or rural areas are often supplied by Independent Gas Transporters, or IGTs. These transporters cost suppliers more to manage. So, suppliers are often forced to pass this cost on to the customer.

Project Nexus will harmonise the way information is shared in the gas industry. Everyone will talk the same language. This will make it easier for people to switch supplier. There won’t be any delays when customers switch. And there won’t be any additional charges for tricky IGTs either.

What will happen while Project Nexus is being implemented?

From 11th May to 31st May, it will take longer than normal for switches to go through. During this time, suppliers (like Bulb) won’t be able to exchange information with the gas industry. So, it will take up to 30 days to complete the switch. Up from the normal 21 days.

What does this mean for you?

First and foremost: your supply will not be interrupted.

If you’re a member of Bulb and your switch has already completed, there will be no impact on the everyday running of your account. Plus, if we don’t get a meter reading each month in the future, we’ll be able to produce a more accurate estimated bill for you.

If you plan to or have recently switched to Bulb, the bad news is your switch may take longer than normal to complete. Your Welcome Email will let you know how your switch is impacted. The good news (if you live in an area supplied by IGTs) is there will no longer be any additional charge to supply your gas.

We hope we’ve made that all clear. If not, let us know in the Bulb Community or in the comments section below. Thanks!