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An illustration of Energy Specialists at Bulb, helping our members.

Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Updates from Team Bulb

Answering your questions about Bulb in special administration

Bulb has been placed into special administration. This process is designed to ensure there’s no change to your supply and your credit balance is protected.

We’ll continue to operate as usual so you don’t need to take any action. The price cap applies to all consumer energy tariffs and will continue to apply to yours with Bulb. If you pay for your energy by top up, your top ups will continue to work as normal. If you’re in the process of switching to or from Bulb, your switch will continue.

We’ve written more about Bulb, special administration and the energy crisis. We know you’ll have questions, so we’ve answered as many as we can here.

Ofgem has appointed Teneo to be Bulb’s special administrator

Special administration is designed to protect customers if a large energy supplier becomes insolvent. It enables a business to continue to trade as usual, and if circumstances permit, to be sold at the appropriate time, in full or in part.

Ofgem has appointed Teneo to be the special administrator of Bulb. Teneo will work with the existing Bulb management team and broader stakeholders.

Interpath has been appointed administrator of Simple, Bulb’s parent company.

Ofgem decided this process is the best way to protect our members

Ofgem, the energy regulator, decided that based on the current market circumstances, a special administration regime (SAR) is the most suitable option to protect consumers, ensure security of supply, and maintain the long-term stability of the energy market.

Special administration is different to recent Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR) transactions, where customers have been immediately reallocated to different energy firms. Bulb members will remain with Bulb and their supply, balances and tariffs will be protected by the special administrator.

If you’re a Bulb member, you don’t need to take any action

Special administration is designed to allow Bulb to continue to operate as usual. We’ll continue to supply 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas, and to protect credit balances for our domestic and business members throughout this process.

If you pay for your energy by topping up, your top ups will work as usual - please contact us if you’re having problems topping up your meter.

If you pay for your energy monthly by Direct Debit, your billing period will stay the same. We'd urge you not to cancel your Direct Debit, as you could build up debt on your account which you will need to repay later.

If you’re a Bulb Business member your energy supply will be guaranteed by the government. You won’t see any disruptions to your electricity and gas services, and your credit balance is protected.

Your credit balance is protected

Teneo is required by the government to continue to supply energy to members and to protect existing customer credit balances.

If your account is in debit

As usual, you should bring your account back into credit as soon as you are able to. This will make sure you’re paying for the energy you’re using, and help stop your balance from falling further behind. You can top up your balance in your Bulb account, or adjust your payments to repay your debit over time. You’ll see both these options on the Payments and Statements page in your Bulb account.

If you’re struggling to pay for your energy

There are lots of ways we can help members who are struggling to pay for their energy.

Switches to and from Bulb will carry on as normal

Our process for joining Bulb remains the same. If you referred a friend to Bulb before 23 September 2021 you’ll still receive your referral credit. Find out more about referrals.

Our process for switching away is the same too. As usual, we ask you not to cancel your Direct Debit with us if you’re in the process of switching away. We'll use your Direct Debit to take your final payment, or refund any outstanding credit.

Eligible members will receive the Warm Home Discount

Bulb will continue to make Warm Home Discount payments to eligible members in both the Core Group and the Broader Group. Find out more about our eligibility criteria.

Meter installations and replacements will continue as planned

We're working with our meter engineer partners to make sure all meter installations or replacements continue as planned. There’s no need to contact us about your meter unless it’s an emergency, for example if you have no power supply to your home. Find out what to do in an emergency.

We’re working through your queries as fast as possible

Lots of people are contacting us at the moment and we’re working through all your queries as fast as possible. Please only call if it’s an emergency, you’re in a vulnerable situation or you are struggling to pay your bills. That way, we can help those who need it most at this busy time. You can contact us online, or using the Bulb app.