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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Updates from Team Bulb

Refer and support Crisis in December

We’ve been working with our members on making some changes to our referral programme.

Update: This blog post is now out of date. You can read the latest post here.

We’ve been working with our members on making some changes to our referral programme. We wrote a blog about why we’re experimenting with rewards. In short, we want to see if changing the reward level or the structure of the programme will lead to more people referring. One response to our blog from a new member was a good example of what we’ve heard from others:

I would not want any kind of direct reward. I'll refer someone because I think Bulb is right for them and I'd prefer not have that advice muddied by any confusion over reward to me. It would be nice to see a donation to charity from successful referrals.

That argument really resonated with us. Working with our members to break down any barriers they experience when referring is key to creating a demand revolution for renewables and achieving our mission to transform the way energy is bought, used and produced.

Plus, we get a little bit peeved when we see companies that get to the festive season, feel guilty about not having had a positive social and environmental impact throughout the year and drop a wedge of cash as if that makes everything okay.

So, we decided to create a reward structure that strengthened our mission to grow renewable demand in the UK while at the same time working with our members to make a meaningful contribution to a cause they care about.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

For the month of December, when any member refers their mates to Bulb, we’ll give £50 to their mate and £50 to Crisis, the national charity for homeless people.

The festive season can be fantastic, full of drunken office parties and family feuds that end in cuddles. But, there’s also a lot of isolation and loneliness around the country, and we’re really pleased to be supporting Crisis in their work to give people a hand.

Throughout the year, Crisis offers groundbreaking housing, health, education and employment services to homeless people across the UK. At Christmas, Crisis opens temporary centres which provide a lifeline for thousands of homeless people, offering support, companionship and vital services over the holiday period.

Give a present to your mates and support Crisis at the same time. All while spreading the word about renewable energy. Put your mulled wine down and get cracking! (Sorry. I managed to write this whole post without any festive puns but ‘tis the season and all that...)

We’ll keep you updated with the progress we make.