Shape Bulb’s future: Our Open Roadmap

Bulb Open Roadmap Transparent

We’re here to make energy more open and fair by involving our members and making everything that we do as transparent as possible. So we’ve published our roadmap so our members can help steer the direction we take. 

Not only is it fairer for our members to know what we’re doing, but it’ll mean we can keep making energy better.

In the Bulb Open Roadmap you can see, comment and vote on all the things that we’re working on. We’ll keep adding new projects and we’ll shuffle things around based on your feedback. We read and reply to every post in the community, so suggest away.

Think something should be prioritised higher? Vote for it in the Roadmap.

Think of an idea that we should work on? Suggest it in the Community.


Open Roadmap.png


It's a constant work in progress. We'll add, remove and shuffle cards around as we complete projects and move on to others, and as priorities change. We'll make an update in the Bulb community whenever we make any big changes so it's easy to keep up.

We were inspired by our friends at GDS to create this roadmap. They have one of their own, and we thought it was such a good idea that we should do the same thing. 

We hope you like ours.