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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

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Simpler statements and lower standing charges

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We're simplifying our tariff by removing the dual fuel discount and lowering the standing charge.

As part of our mission to make things simpler for our members, we’ve been thinking about our statements. We’ve realised we can make things clearer by lowering our standing charge and doing away with our dual fuel discount.

If you buy gas and electricity from Bulb, we’re removing the dual fuel discount of £30 per year and replacing it with lower standing charges for gas and electricity. They’ll both be £15 per year cheaper from now on. This won't change the total amount you pay, but we think it’s simpler and more transparent. This way, it’ll be easier for you to compare Bulb with other suppliers and make sure you're getting a great deal. You’ll have one less line on your statement.

If you only buy one fuel from Bulb, you will save £15 per year because we’re lowering Bulb’s standing charges on electricity and gas from 24.56p per day (£89.62 per year) to 20.44p per day (£74.62 per year). The above prices include VAT at 5%.

We’re also taking this opportunity to even-out some regional differences in our tariff. We will be lowering our gas unit rates by 0.2%-5% in the energy distribution regions of Manchester & North Wales, West Midlands, Northwest England, Southern Scotland and Yorkshire. In other regions, the rates will stay the same. Don’t worry, you don’t have to check the map to see what region you’re in. We’ll email all our members to explain how it affects them.

As always, we’re keeping a close eye on wholesale prices and our own costs. If there’s an opportunity to lower your tariff further, we will move as quickly as we can.