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Six reasons to spread the love (and earn some cash) with your Bulb referral link

Why sharing your referral link is good for the planet, your friends and your wallet.

Sharing your referral link is good for the planet, your friends and your wallet. Here are six good reasons to spread the Bulb love. And if you’d like to skip the reasons and jump straight to referring, find your link here.

1. You’ll help protect the planet

Every year, the typical home with medium consumption saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by being with Bulb. That’s like planting 655 trees. Collectively, the Bulb Community is saving 576,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. That’s the equivalent of a lot of trees. 288 million, in fact!

Referring people to Bulb helps even more people to go green. The more you refer, the more you do for the planet.

2. You’ll do your friends a favour

Most people save money by switching to Bulb. 57% of homes are still on expensive standard variable tariffs with one of the Big Six. Everyone switching from a tariff like this will save money by joining Bulb. And most save a significant amount. Your friends could save over £250 when they switch to Bulb from the Big Six.

With £50 credit as a referral bonus on top, chances are you’ll be doing your friends a massive favour by recommending Bulb. And don’t forget - once they’re on board, they’ll get their own referral link and can earn even more.  

3. You can make (serious) money

You can refer as many friends as you like. You’ll both get £50 every time. On average, Bulb members who use their referral link refer 2.1 new members each. That’s over £100 to spend on whatever you like. Some members donate this money to charity, which we think is amazing. But if you want to spend it on a duck house instead, that’s totally cool too.

Bulb member Tom has donated 20 times to charity through the Bulb referral programme.

Bulb's top ten referrers have referred over 9,000 members between them. That's £45,000 each! We hope they don’t spend it all at once. 

4. Everyone’s doing it

Last month, around half of our new members came from word-of-mouth. We’re mighty thankful to our members for spreading the word. If the internet and social media are good for anything, they’re good for sharing useful stuff with your friends. From TripAdvisor to Trustpilot (where Bulb happens to be the top-rated energy company), online recommendation from real people is how we get to know what’s worth buying. So don’t be shy about sharing the love!

5. It’s how small start-ups get to take on the giants

The energy industry is still dominated by a small number of giant corporations, who don’t do enough to save money for their customers or invest in the green technology of the future. Word-of-mouth helps small start-ups like Bulb to compete with big advertising budgets.

Creative referring tactics from one member

And we love to grow through referrals - a friend of yours is a friend of ours. It’s great to keep money in our community, rather than spending on big ad campaigns.

6. It’s very easy (we promise)

You can find your unique referral link in your Bulb Account by clicking on 'Refer a Friend' in the dashboard. Referral links look like this:

When someone follows the link, they’re guided to your referral page where they can generate a quote for their energy and switch to Bulb.  No need to enter a code - they simply need to follow your link.

You can also refer on the go with the Bulb App by tapping 'Free Energy' in the bottom menu.

What are your top tips for referring? Share them with us in the Bulb Community. You can read more about how referrals work in our Help article.