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The lights are back on at Champion Hill

As the first weekend of football kicks off, we’re excited to announce we’re sponsoring Dulwich Hamlet for a third successive season. What’s even better is that we’re also supplying their grounds with green energy to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

By choosing Bulb, DHFC are lowering their carbon impact by 78.62 tonnes of CO2e per year. That’s the hard work of around 39,310 trees.

Supplying the grounds this year is perhaps something we’re most proud of. Every food stall, every shower and every floodlight powered by 100% renewable electricity or 100% carbon neutral gas sets The Hamlet on their way to becoming a net zero football club. 

Danny Mills fashions Dulwich's swish new kit

We’ve previously spoken about how Dulwich Hamlet are the most communal football club in the UK and it’s a special feeling to continue to be a part of that community and watch their 128-year history unfold. 

The last year was an especially difficult one for all non-league clubs, with no fans at the grounds and uncertainty about whether those floodlights would come back on. To have been a small part of the DHFC fanbase during this period gave us an insight into just how much culture surrounds the club, as it returns for a full season with fans in tow. It certainly feels as though everyone’s that bit closer for having weathered the storm. 

The new season looks bright, too. Ex England striker-come-podcaster, Peter Crouch has joined as a Director and we look forward to seeing how he helps steer the club. Peter played for the club aged 17 when he was on loan from Spurs, which makes for a fairytale return. The club also finds itself at the centre of a new football documentary series commissioned by Discovery+ UK. And the men and women’s teams are back for some FA cup action as well. I for one look forward to some giant slaying.

This weekend the men’s team kicks off against Chippenham Town, where new signing Jazzi Bobb-Burnham hopes to make his debut, and next Sunday sees the women’s team begin their season at Champions Hill. We’ll certainly be attending in the pink and blue. 

We can’t sign off without a Hamlet Hound photo. The club prides itself on being the most represented club in the non-league dogs Twitter page. A quick walk around the grounds will tell you why.

A proud #HamletHound
If you’re the proud owner of a Hamlet hound, tweet us with #HamletHounds and your pooch could feature in the matchday program

Season tickets are available to buy now, and matchday tickets will be available nearer the day.

The Bulb referral link for DHFC fans is still live this season. Any fan who switches their energy can earn up to £50 credit for themselves and £50 cash for the 12th Man Scheme. Last year, we raised £1,000 for the club to buy new players and we’re hoping to more than double that in the next year.