Warm Home Discount applications are open

Bulb Warm Home Discount

You can apply for the Warm Home discount now through the online form in your Bulb Account. The Warm Home Discount is a government scheme, paid for by suppliers, that gives people receiving certain benefits £140 towards their electricity bills. You can find out more about it and the criteria we use in our article on Warm Home Discount requirements.

Every energy supplier can set its own criteria for the Warm Home Discount, based on requirements from Ofgem, the energy regulator. As it’s our first time providing the Warm Home Discount, we’re currently using Ofgem’s recommended criteria. As we learn more through this process, we may expand the criteria in the future to better accommodate our members.

The form and what you’ll need to provide

  This is one of the benefits selection screens.

This is one of the benefits selection screens.


As part of the process, we’ll ask you about the benefits you receive and your personal circumstances. Then you’ll be asked to upload photos or screengrabs of the benefits documents as proof. The name and address on the documents and on your Bulb account need to match. This is important, as the Warm Home Discount can only go to that person.

If you can’t upload photos, you can also send the documents in the post.

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 11.18.48.png

We understand when we talk about third parties it can make some people nervous about their data. So we explained in the form that we only use government organisations which already have access to the data necessary for us to check your application. And when you submit your application we’ll send you an email to let you know we got it.

Small, even simple things, but stuff we might have missed without checking with our members first. Hopefully it will make it easier for more of our members to get the help they need with their energy.

Any questions or queries? Let us know in the Bulb Community.

Thom Wong