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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.

Product news

We've an app for that

We asked our members what they liked about our app, and how we could make it even better.

We started Bulb to make energy simpler, cheaper and greener. And while the cheaper and greener get a lot of attention, simpler is just as important. So we set out to make the tools you use to manage your energy as simple as possible.

This is the Bulb app. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s the simplest way to use your Bulb account on mobile. Our web version still has a few more features, but the app packs plenty of its own surprises.

Try the Bulb app for iOS or the Bulb app for Android.

We’re always looking to improve the app, so we asked Bulb members to tell us what they like about it the most, and what they’d like to see next. A few of you were even nice enough to have our user researcher, Flora, round for a cup of tea.

Here’s what you told us.

Always being signed in makes everything faster

"It's much faster, I don't have to type passwords in."

Security is super important when it comes to online accounts, but that doesn’t make entering passwords any less annoying. The Bulb app lets you stay signed in. Members we spoke to feel safe trusting their phone’s built-in security, especially since the app doesn’t hold any sensitive information. And because they can just launch the app and do what they need, Bulb members who use the app tend to submit more regular meter readings. This keeps their accounts up-to-date and bills accurate.

Speaking of meter readings...

It’s easy to give meter readings

“Putting in a meter reading is easy. It’s only a couple of buttons.”

Always having your phone in your pocket means its already more convenient than a computer. But thanks to your phone’s camera, it’s also incredibly powerful. Both the iOS and Android versions of our app can scan your meter and automatically enter the meter reading. Just point your phone at the meter and it “types” the number for you.

And if your meter is in a particularly dark cupboard, we included a torch button too.

It has the features you need most

"I can do everything I need to do."

We're working hard to bring all the features of your online Bulb account to the app. And while we’re not quite there, we've got the big things covered, from changing payment settings to downloading past statements. For some members the app is the only way they interact with Bulb. And we’ll continue to make it better so energy can be simpler, and quicker, for everyone.

Interested? Try the app today.

Bulb app for iOS. Bulb app for Android.

What’s coming next in the app

Usage charts are our most requested feature for the app, and we hope to have those available soon. We’re also looking to experiment with notifications, particularly for meter reading reminders. Have some ideas? Pop over to the Community and let us know.