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We've got wind, lots of it

At Bulb, we sourced 73% of our electricity from wind power last year. Find out about some of our wind generators, and why we need them to reach Net Zero.

We recently reported on our Fuel Mix for 2018-2019. Looking at where our energy came from in that time, we sourced 73% of our electricity from wind, up from 51% the year before. We wanted to introduce some of the larger wind generators we're working with who help us supply 100% renewable electricity to our community of 1.4 million members. When compared to fossil fuel power, the wind in our mix from last year saved 619,478 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere. That’s the same amount of carbon absorbed by 313 million trees. 

Meet some of our wind generators


Ørsted are a global leader in offshore wind, with sites all over the UK. We work with 11 of their farms. One of those is the Walney Extension in the Irish Sea, which has turbines standing at 623ft (190m) high, covering an area the size of 20,000 football pitches. 

Ørsted has a bold vision to power 50 million people across the world with clean energy by 2030. We're thrilled to be working with them to reach such an incredible milestone.

Ørsted’s Walney Extension has 84 turbines. At 109m, they’re the same height as St Paul’s Cathedral. Photo credit: Ørsted

Beatrice Wind Farm

Beatrice is Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm. We started working with them earlier this year. Beatrice’s turbine blades are 2m longer than an Airbus A380 aircraft. A nine-year project in the making, Beatrice is capable of producing enough electricity to power 450,000 homes for one year - the most electricity generated by any single renewable source in Scotland.

Beatrice is Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm. Photo credit: SSE

We’ll need more wind to reach Net Zero

Renewables made up 36% of UK electricity generation in January-March this year - the highest it’s ever been. But to reach Net Zero by 2050, the UK needs 5-10GW of new renewable capacity each year. 

Whilst we need to champion renewables of all shapes and sizes, building large-scale offshore wind is a crucial way to help us get there. We have 8GW offshore wind capacity today. To be on track for Net Zero, we need to add what we already have every year for the next 30 years.

The good news is that offshore wind is now more affordable than ever. Earlier this month we celebrated record low prices of offshore wind - £39/MWh today down from £59/MWh in 2017. 

We’re big fans of wind power. And the UK are too - 83% of the public support offshore wind. We’re thrilled to be working with companies like Ørsted and Beatrice. With them, we’re helping to bring affordable, renewable energy to the UK - getting us closer to Net Zero one turbine at a time.

Get to know more of our generators across the UK.

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