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Heads up - this blog post is more than 6 months old. Some details may be out of date.


We’ve offset 1 million tonnes of carbon

We announced our 100% carbon neutral gas in March this year. This month we reached a milestone.

In March we announced our gas is 100% carbon neutral. We provide all our members with 10% green gas, and we offset the rest by working with verified carbon reduction projects around the world. This month we offset our one millionth tonne of carbon. This is a big milestone in our mission to reduce emissions. 

The more we grow, the more we offset

We match carbon offsets to our member’s gas emissions on a monthly basis. And the amount we offset each month increases as we grow. In March, we offset 190,000 tonnes, in July we offset 230,000 tonnes. Adding all the months together, we’ve offset more than 1 million tonnes of carbon from our member’s non-green gas emissions.

How big is one million tonnes of carbon?

One million is a big number. It can be hard to visualise – so these everyday comparisons might help. 

1 million tonnes of carbon is the same as the emissions from:

  • Flying from London to Cape Town and back 376,000 times

  • 1 million meat eaters going vegan for a year

  • Having 69,000 weddings

  • Charging 321 billion smartphones 

  • Producing 4.4 million laptops

  • Making 67 million t-shirts

Clean cooking stoves also help to reduce unpaid cooking time, a major source of gender inequality

Our carbon neutral gas is having a global impact

We think it’s important to support carbon offset projects that have an impact beyond climate change. With our partners ClimateCare we’ve selected a portfolio of projects that benefit local communities in under-developed areas. They’re helping to create local jobs, reduce air pollution, improve health, provide access to clean energy and conserve biodiversity. This means we can support communities that are suffering the most from climate change. Find out more about the clean cookstove projects we’re supporting in Ghana and Kenya.

By the end of the year, Bulb will be buying just less than 6% of the global voluntary carbon offset market. We supply every Bulb member with  100% carbon neutral gas. When you add that to the carbon our members save from our renewable electricity, the Bulb Community has collectively saved 4.9 million tonnes of carbon so far. That’s equivalent to 1.35% of total UK carbon emissions. We’ve set ourselves the target of saving 6.6 million tonnes by the end of the year. Keep an eye on our carbon tracker to see how we're getting on.

Continuing on our mission to save carbon

This is a big milestone in our mission to reduce emissions. But we know that offsetting carbon emissions isn’t the silver bullet that will solve climate change. Offsetting should always be part of a wider strategy to reduce emissions. So we’ll keep looking for opportunities to increase the proportion of green gas we supply, and to build better products and services that help our members to reduce their energy usage. We’re doing that already with smart meters, our Smart Tariff and our Export Tariff.

Read more about carbon offsets in our help centre. What other ways would you like to see us compare carbon savings? Join the conversation in the Bulb Community.