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Price watch

What happened to the price cap pledge?

The price cap on energy was missing from the Queen's speech. How can you make sure you still get a good deal on your energy?

We were listening closely to the Queen’s speech today. We hoped to hear a firm commitment to the proposed price cap on energy we saw in The Conservative manifesto. It wasn’t a new idea, but it was a good one. But, it didn’t make it in there. This was not good news.

Unlike most energy suppliers, we support a price cap on energy. In fact, we wrote a whole blog post on it last month! We think a price cap will help make energy fairer, more transparent and more affordable. It will stop suppliers from coaxing people in with low teaser rates before sneaking them onto pricier tariffs. Only this month, several ‘tease and squeeze’ tariffs were introduced to the market by suppliers. And that’s not right.

We don’t think it’s fair for consumers to lose out because of uncertainty caused by the election. A price cap would mean lower energy bills for homes and families across the UK. It’s a shame the Government did not commit to introducing one today.

But, whilst a price cap would help, we think the best thing would be for all suppliers to just have a single tariff. That would make everything a lot simpler and fairer. And that’s why we do exactly that at Bulb. It means that if you’re with us, you’re always on our best deal. So if you can’t wait for a price cap to save you some money, why not find out how much you could save today with Bulb.