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Let's face it, energy is a pretty intangible thing, and it isn't easy for people to see the impact they're having by switching to renewables. That's why we're experimenting with different ways to show Bulb members what a great thing they're doing by going green.

The Bulb 2016 impact report

This week, we sent a personalised impact report to each of our members letting them know how much CO2 they've saved by switching to Bulb. Here's a snippet from one report:

Thank you DOPPLR

We got the inspiration for the idea from a social network called Dopplr. So, first off, we want to say a big THANK YOU to them. In January 2009, they sent out an awesome Personal Annual Report to each of their members. The report showed cities the user had visited, how far they'd travelled and put the data into context. We love the way they combined cold hard facts with things a bit more fun, like the animal that matches your personal velocity across the planet.


We thought we'd try to do something similar for energy. We took what we know about each member's usage and compared it to data from the government on CO2 emissions. The average home in the UK produces 0.184 kg of CO2 per kWh of gas and 0.290 kg per kWh for electricity. At Bulb, gas is just 0.166 kg/kWh, and electricity is 100% carbon free.

If you're curious, you can see an example of the full Bulb report here.

Feedback is a gift

What did you think of your report? As always, we'd love to get your input so we can make next year's report even better.

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