We believe business energy should be low cost and easy to manage

Bulb is a low cost 100% renewable ​electricity supplier. We supply businesses and homes with genuinely affordable renewable energy. And we provide market leading service from our London-based support team.

Top rated customer service

If there’s one thing energy shouldn’t be, it’s complicated. That’s why we have a London-based team and allocate a dedicated account manager to each of our business customers.

We think we do a good job, and so do our members. They’ve rated us the #1 energy supplier on Trustpilot.

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Prices around 20% lower than the Big Six

Who said that going renewable had to be more expensive? By being smart with technology, keeping our team lean and simply taking a smaller piece of the pie we’re able to keep our costs down and pass savings onto you. This makes us about 20% cheaper than the deemed tariffs of the Big Six.

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100% renewable electricity + 10% renewable gas

We want you to be part of the renewable energy revolution. That’s why all of our electricity comes from independent renewable generators across the UK, like Tyn Y Cornel Hydro in North Wales.

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Simple rates and no exit fees

We won’t lock you into a 12 month contract and we don’t charge exit fees.
Our standing charges for gas and electricity are both 27.40p per day.

Pence per kWh
Region Electricity (p/kWh) Gas (p/kWh)
East England Electricity 10.40 Gas 2.31
East Midlands Electricity 10.55 Gas 2.27
London Electricity 10.10 Gas 2.48
North Wales, Mersey & Cheshire Electricity 11.44 Gas 2.39
West Midlands Electricity 10.74 Gas 2.40
North East England Electricity 10.74 Gas 2.39
North West England Electricity 10.88 Gas 2.41
North Scotland Electricity 11.71 Gas 2.30
South Scotland Electricity 10.87 Gas 2.25
South East England Electricity 10.96 Gas 2.40
Southern England Electricity 10.86 Gas 2.51
South Wales Electricity 11.20 Gas 2.32
South West England Electricity 11.66 Gas 2.44
Yorkshire Electricity 10.38 Gas 2.29

Note: these rates exclude VAT

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