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Businesses across the UK are paying too much for their energy

According to Ofgem, 25% of small businesses are on expensive default or deemed contract rates. And many others are locked in to expensive multi-year tariffs.  

But with Bulb, there are no complicated tariffs, or out-of-contract price rises. And if you ever switch away, we won't charge you for leaving.

We work hard to keep prices low for our members

Our mission is to provide simpler, cheaper greener energy. We achieve that with:

Technology - we invest in technology to make things simpler for our members and keep our costs low. 

A skilled, efficient team - we only hire the best people and we give them the tools they need to serve our members. 

A simple tariff and operating model - at Bulb we only have one tariff. Without the complexity of managing lots of tariffs we can lower our operating costs. 

Lower profits - honestly, we just make lower profits than our competitors. Then pass the savings on to you.

Reflecting the true cost of energy 

Too many suppliers pressure businesses into signing long-term, fixed contracts.

We don't think that's right. With Bulb’s single tariff, you know you're always on our best possible price. And that price reflects the true cost of energy. If wholesale prices go up, we work hard to limit increases to our members and always give 30 days notice before the prices change. And if they go down, we quickly pass those savings on to you.