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Bulb has one, simple tariff 

Business energy can be complicated: hundreds of tariffs, confusing pricing and industry jargon. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether your business is getting the best deal. 

At Bulb, we like to keep things simple. 

Bulb’s business energy tariff is different

No fixed term contracts or exit fees: you’re free to leave without a penalty whenever you choose. But we hope you’ll stay – we’ll always have one of the cheapest tariffs in the market. 

No hidden charges: the figure you see in your personalised quote is the amount you’ll pay. There are no hidden charges at Bulb.

Everyone gets the same low prices: we don’t offer different rates to different types of business. There are no special introductory rates, which means we’ll never penalise your loyalty by switching you to an expensive rate when your contract ends. 

Switching to Bulb is easy

We’ll take care of the switch for you. We’ll work with your current supplier – and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process.  

We can do it all online or by phone. You won’t need a visit from the engineer, and you’ll never lose power during the switch.